Equipment Manager
Equipment Manager is a universal system for managing the database of weapons in a game, as well as the parameters of each weapon separately.
This plugin will allow you to create a database of weapons in your game, distribute all the weapons in it by type/class, configure the parameters of each weapon separately, bind your weapon scripts to the database and monitor the status of each associated parameter in real time.
You will be able to create a set of basic and additional parameters for the weapon. Additional parameters can be anything from bonus to damage per second, to the installation of additional modules on the weapon, such as a silencer, sight, if it is a firearm or activation of spells (on demand or during impact, if your weapon is a bow (arrow, spear, peak, sword, shield).
At its core, the system is so versatile that instead of weapons, it can control the parameters of the character/equipment or structures. Perhaps in the next update will be added features that allow you to control the parameters of any content in the game.
Features (current version v1.0):
  • Sorting by the types/classes of weapons
  • Management of basic parameters of the weapon (damage, attack speed, accuracy, etc)
  • Management of additional parameters/modules (damage bonus, installation/removal of additional modules, enable/disable modifications)
  • Mechanics of improvement of the weapon and its parameters for the gained points
  • Mechanics of activating additional parameters/modules as a bonus for a limited time or indefinitely
  • Notifying the player of the possibility to improve the settings
  • Binding availability with additional options/modules to level weapons
  • System linking arms from a database with your scripts weapons
  • Automatic synchronization of weapon parameters in the database with related parameters in your scripts
  • Support multiple databases and switch between them in real time
  • Automatic save/load progress improvements
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