Epic AGE
Updated a year ago
In development
Windows; Android
An incredible game with turn-based battle system, several playable characters, experience Epic battles
Style: Turn, Multiplayer, 3D, Android and PC
Combat: 1vs1, 2vs2, ....., 5v5
In the menu of the game the characters must be preset in one of the tiles of the field

Each character has its statuses being they:
Rarity: Mortal, demigod, god, Tita
Class: Mage, Archer, Knight, Swordsman, Witch, Sorcerer, Elf, Druid, Hunter, Squire and Summoner
Type: Water, Fire, Ice, Air, Grass, Metal, Light, Dark, Electric
Status: Poisoned, Sleeping, Healing, Burning, Frozen
Attributes: HP, MP, Attack, Sp. Attack, Defense, Sp Defense, Speed
Attack Type: Melee, Distance

Through the buttons will be chosen what the character must do in his turn, Common attack, Magic, Defend, use Pet
Characters can evolve by experience, all begin at level 1
Each character can own a pet and the same has to have time to use and MPgasto to call him
Game Languages
English; Portuguese, Brazil
Supported Platforms
Windows; Android