EONIA revamped!
Updated 2 years ago
In development
Massive update in EONIA as regards graphics, assets and art in general. New rocks! New trees! New buildings! And much more!
My original idea was to make the art of EONIA as simple as possible. No effects. No details. Only the simple texture wrapping everything. But then I wanted to try something different and, from my humble opinion, now it looks better than ever.
From now on, the graphics of EONIA -without losing its characteristic hand painted style of course- will feature bump mapping, metallic and every possible effect. This way, each object will look more vivid and I hope you will like this change as much as I do.
Of course, this is a big modification in a game of the magnitude of EONIA, so naturally, to update all the world will take some time. But the result will be delightful!
H Juan M Silvetti
OnlyTales Game Studio - Game Developer - Owner