Environment Master

Using Temperature and Humidity to Automatically change how your years play out environmentally. I have been developing this system over the past year, solo. The original vision i had for this controller came about during the prototyping of a survival RPG, where the environment demanded realistic Biomes, drastic weather changes, and lots of visual EFX. After a few prototypes and 1000+ hours of trial and error, I am finally successful in developing an environment system, which supports all three of these features.
Environment master can currently:
Provide scriptable Date Profiles, BiomeProfiles, SceneIdentity assets to assist in setting up multiple scenes with the Environment Master, outdoor and indoor. And to assist with multiplayer setup(if thats ever a thing...). Also has Scriptable Particle Libraries for seasonal particle changes within the environment.
Blend 4 HDRI skies through-out a day. This will be changed because of the updates in Unity 2018, but for 2017 users this works best if you have a decent collection of skyboxes. Calculate a full year with changeable day, week, month, year names/titles. (Think Skyrims "18th of Frostfall, 200 A.E" layout.) General Time of Day simulation with optional sun rotation axis changes.(Changes the position of the sun in the sky through-out the year) Realtime growth of an object you want over the year at any rate(Grow trees, plants, grass... Windmills? anything)
Simulate weather effects with land and object coverage(Snow and rain on objects)
This is strictly an integration feature for those who have CTS shader and/or NatureManufactures wet coverage/foliage shader.
While i'm on this topic i have integrated the R.A.M River Materials into the system for realistic control over oceans, and rivers during different environmental effects.
And Much more, stuff to do with wind and colors. Enjoy the preview.
Wesley Godbout
IVSMultimedia - Owner