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Hi, I'm Juanjo Barceló, I'm an enthusiast of video game development located in Spain.
I'm a self-taught artist and my first serious contact with the development of videogames happened in 2008. Since then I have been learning new things and different styles to find my own strengths and to keep up with the latest tech and workflows.
Finally I decided to create something mixing technology and nature. My idea is to show a future divided in two societies: those who live in big cities crowded, dark, very technological and with a cyberpunk style. And the people who live in the outskirts of these cities in camps as if they were marginalized or pariahs.
And the inspiration comes from this artwork by Ismail Inceoglu:
So now that's settled it's time to think about where to begin. I'm going to draw some sketches on paper to create the composition quickly (although I'm not very good at drawing but it allows me to visualize the composition and structure of the scene will be) and then I'll start blocking out entire scene in Unity.
If anyone has any suggestions as to how they'd go about it, I'd be eager to hear. Of course I'll be keeping an eye on everyone else's submissions also, it will be interesting to see how experienced artists tackle the challenge.
I have planned to use several assets both payment and free (apart from those required in the rules), when I know which ones I will use I will publish a list.
To finish this brief presentation I want to thank Ismail Inceoglu for the great artwork and Unity Team for giving me the opportunity to have extra work and not sleep at night, it will be fun!
And of course, good luck to everyone and enjoy!
Production Process
UPDATE 9 (Jan 14)
Final update.
After a titanic effort I managed to finish in time...
Finally I have added the androids (I have used the Alien Sky asset models) although the animations are not very good but I think it gives life to the scene.
I have also added the definitive volumetric lights and fog, after many tests I think I have achieved the balance I was looking for to create a mystical atmosphere without losing any detail.
And the last step was to use Cinemachine and Timeline to create the video sequence. For the final composition I used a video editor software and the music is "Hiding Your Reality" by Kevin MacLeod (, licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
In general I am satisfied but the lack of time has made me not happy at all, I think I could have done better... even so I have learned a lot and I am glad to have participated in this contest.
Thanks to all for your support and feedback, I hope you like my entry... enjoy!
UPDATE 8 (Jan 12)
Starting to finish...
I have started to add volumetric fog and lights, I'm still working on it and with post processing effects but I'm close to finishing.
Finally I have decided to remove the androids because I don't have time to polish the animations, as I said I'm not good animating characters and it's hard for me to create decent animations and less without sufficient time.
The next steps will be finish lighting, add particles effects and create the video sequence with Cinemachine and Timeline.
So I hope the next update will be the final update.
UPDATE 7 (Jan 6)
Added androids but without animation yet, I'm horrible with the animations of characters but I wanted to introduce this element to force myself and practice, we'll see what I can do... I'll leave it to the end :-)
I have also finished adding the provisional lights, later I will replace them with volumetric ones to improve the atmosphere of the scene and I have started to play with the effects of the Post Process Stack but I am still doing tests.
I still have work to do (animation of the characters, improve lighting, effects of particles, final touches), I do not know if I'll finish in time but with what I'm learning is worth having participated.
I hope that the next update is the final update...
UPDATE 6 ( Dec 23)
After some retouches in the composition I added the vegetation and starting to play with the lighting, I have not added any effect yet, I'm just doing tests.
The next step will be add effects (volumetric lights, volumetric fog, particles...), androids and mech and final composition touches.
Also I must prepare the animations of the androids and finally I will do the cinematics shots with Cinemachine and Timeline.
A lot of work is coming!
UPDATE 5 ( Dec 20)
While I continue with the composition of the scene I wanted to spend a little time to play with Cinemachine and TimeLine, it's my first time and I'm learning to use them.
My first impression is that this tools are very powerful and simple, even I can use them! :D
This is the result of my first tests:
The animation of the android is not definitive, just for test.
My intention is to add several androids and mech to the scene, as I said previously, to give some "life", I hope I can do everything... seems easy but needs a lot of time.
UPDATE 4 (Dec 17)
I continue working hard on the project and I'm making some important progress. I have started to use the Dark City asset for some elements such as advertising and the train among others, although I had to customize some textures such the ads.
The next step will be to add vegetation to mix nature and technology, which is my main idea.
Finally I have thought that instead of humans, the inhabitants of SECTOR 37 will be only machines (as you can see in the poster on the lower left in the image, humans are not allowed), with this I want to represent how technology is becoming important in our lives but at the same time how quickly it becomes obsolete (in my vision of the future the machines are marginalized because they are outdated or because they no longer work well).
So after the vegetation I will add robots and mech to the scene, it will be interesing.
UPDATE 3 (Dec 15)
I'm moving slow with the project but I will try to publish updates as often as I can.
I continue adding the definitive models to the scene and selecting the assets what I want to use. I will leave the effects, lighting and animations for the end, first I want to have the whole scene mounted with all the elements.
I'm also thinking about making some small changes in the composition to give more dynamism to the scene, but I'm not sure yet what I'll do, we'll see.
I hope to be able to go faster next weeks.
UPDATE 2 (Dec 9)
I have begun to replace the initial blocks with final models (I hope, hehehe). As I said I will use free and pay assets to create the scene mainly because I don't have sufficient time to make 3D models from scratch, although I will surely have to do someone.
I'm using the Flooded Grounds asset but soon I want to create a list with all the assets that I have in mind to use and I will update it.
See you in the next update!
UPDATE 1 (Dec 7)
After making several sketches on paper I started with some quick blockouts into Unity to get the proportions and perspectives right.
I am using a free asset for this task:!/content/94277
This asset brings with a great variety of prefabs ready to use like stairs, doors, elevators, ladders, chest, etc. Very useful to get a composition quickly with elements very similar to the final object.
I also have the title for the entry:
My next step will be to start replacing the blocks with the final objects and play to find the perfect composition :D
List of assets
  • Prototyping Pack (Free)
  • Flooded Grounds
  • Alien Sky
  • Post-Apo Pack
  • Dark City
  • Sci-fi Design Kit
  • Tropical Nature Pack
  • Cinemachine
  • Volumetric Fog & Lights
  • Post Processing Stack
Juanjo Barcelo
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Juanjo Barcelo
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Daniel ParraReally very good, Juanjo!
Thanks Daniel! ;)
Daniel Parra
a year ago
Really very good, Juanjo!
Juanjo Barcelo
a year ago
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Farrukh AbdurGreat to see this. Looking nice. Complete it now :)
Thanks! I will try to finish today... I hope :)
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Great to see this. Looking nice. Complete it now :)
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thanks for the info! it is was not clear for me. so lets get crazy! good luck to you!