Entertainment Weekly -- StubHub
Worked on StubHub's campaign around the concept “Fan Out”-- custom elements and other impact placements ran on Digital Media placement were multi-platform: desktop, tablet, mobile
-- High impact 100% takeover, HPRB pushdown with overlay on -- custom unit with dancing Coachella fan --Custom Photo Gallery – Photo of a musician and then a photo inset of a celebrity who is a fan of that celebrity. “Musicians who Turn Celebrities into Fans”. StubHub sponsored the gallery. --Custom Video Series (on partner network) – 4 videos in the series. Each video featured talent talking about their favorite music moments, best concert stories. StubHub received video pre-roll, title card, end video. --Custom articles / Posts -- Fan out concert experiences written by EW, sponsored by StubHub -- Music channel roadbocks with 970x250 and 300x600 on -- Promotion -- promotional and social touts used to drive traffic to the gallery, videos, and article/posts
Virginia S. Harrington
Strategic Partnerships - Marketer