Endpoint, a fast paced robot runner in which players race each other through a deadly course for glory. Filled with dangerous crushers and molten metal pits, the hazardous setting makes for the perfect place to race old and unused robots. Every robot has had an arm replaced with an air gun to throw more chaos and carnage into the mix. Each turn reveals more deadly traps ready to blast you back into last place. Use quick thinking and skill to overcome each obstacle and remain at the head of the pack, or you’ll be left behind for scrap. Skins, titles and flair elements all help you stand out in the multiplayer mayhem. In a disassembly line where robots are getting destroyed left, right and centre, you might as well look good doing it. Whether playing online or alone, the robotic destruction brings a blast of action and challenge into the world of racing.
Maxwell Fynmore
Game Developer/3D Artist