Endless Runner Collect Gold
Updated 2 months ago
In development
iOS; Android; Windows Phone
Endless Runner is a highly addictive endless game. like Subway Surfers and very enjoyable, if you touch on the screen player go to left or right and every coins 1 point. Unity 3D Latest version 5.4.1f1
Universal (phone & tablet )
Rises Difficulty level every 10 second
2 different scene (Menu, Game)
Working very good on Iphone and Android every screen size (4:3,5:4,16:9,16:10,3:2 and more..)
Full step by step documentation for reskin
Unity Project Can Change Game Platform to Iphone,Android, windows, Xbox, Playstation (You can change this game to every platform)
What You Get:
Unity 3D Project
Psd Files
Png Files
How to Setup and Reskin:
Open Unity Project/Endless Runner in the Unity 3D
Can Change every player settings from File/Build Setting/Player Settings
Change the review us URL.
Change Assets file with new images
Export Project and upload the APK file to Play Store.
Tolga EGE
Tolga EGE - Programmer
Game Languages
English; English, British
Supported Platforms
iOS; Android; Windows Phone