Published 3 months ago
In development
Windows; Mac

The Age of Heroes has passed. Long live the Bosses!
Centuries of peace have ended, and the world of Midos is at war once again!
EndBoss is redefining the genre of collectible card games (CCGs). Instead of relying solely on the luck of the draw, winning a game depends first on the player’s skill. Each game simulates a struggle in the game universe between two of the eight different factions, as each Boss strives to become the sole EndBoss of Midos. The player uses three of a Boss’s Henchmen to battle the opponent. Using power points from each Boss and Henchman, the player is able to use offensive and defensive action cards to wage war against their opponent’s team. Winning a battle does not mean winning the war! To be declared the winner, you must win all the opponent’s territories, which are wagered at the beginning of each battle.
Ian Mathew
Unity 3D Live Expert - Programmer
Game Languages
English; English, British
Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac