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Published 5 months ago

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About This GameThis is the prologue of Emmerholt - an upcoming open world, magic wielding, story driven, adventure game for the HTC Vive, and Oculus Touch. Currently in development by Oneiric Entertainment!In this prologue follow along the journey of Eli, a young man whom has lived a peaceful life with his friends on a small island off the coast of the mainland. On this night however, something strange takes place on the island that would change Eli's fate forever.This free demo is meant to act as a prologue for the upcoming game Emmerholt. We are releasing this to get feedback and to see what the community thinks about our locomotion mechanics, gameplay, and story.Full Version Coming in late 2017: Emmerholt will be a free-roaming adventure game with numerous side quests and missions. Bustling cities and towns exist there with a diverse set of factions to encounter. The game will be story focused with emotional well written quests and a talented pool of voice actors. Unlock powerful magic which can be used at will during and outside of combat. Use the intuitive horseback riding mechanic to travel across the world. d859598525 Title: Emmerholt: PrologueGenre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPGDeveloper:Oneiric Entertainment LLCPublisher:Oneiric Entertainment LLCRelease Date: 14 Feb, 2017 Emmerholt: Prologue Activation Code [serial Number] emmerholt prologue This looks cool. Really wanted to keep playing but man, the movement is not so good, especially on horseback where I was getting quite nauseous. The turning on the horse is especially stomach turning. Unfortunately I didn't get very far because of this.. Pretty good for a demo. I like where this is heading. The magic was particularly innovative. The horse riding is also a novel idea - but it made me feel the most sick any VR game has (I found keeping in a straight line helped).Like others have said, this does need some work. The graphics are blurry at a distance and there is clipping around buildings. Teleporting also seemed hit and miss.. First I see a ton of potenial for this game. The horse riding experiance was great.I see several areas for improvement but this is just a demo and the release could be aways out.I do like the experiance with the game and what is trying to do.If done right this could be a very good game.. This runs between 70-80 fps on a GTX 1080, the frame rate jumping around caused me some nausea. It's the first time a VR game has had this affect on me. Visuals are blurry at distance, so overall optimisation is an issue with this game as the graphics are not exactly cutting edge.There's some effort in the content, the horse riding in VR is neat. And there's a story and voice acted characters. But overall it's quite an amateurish prodction all around. I do still feel travel sickness queasy writing this review 5 minutes after quiting the game.. I Played Through The Prologue , I Got To Ride A Horse A Red One Battle Some Creatures And My Ex Friend . I Can Not Wait To See What The Developers Deliver Next / Glitchy And The Hosrse Is Hard To Stear But I see Werer The Developers Are Going.. This game has some promise, but it needs a LOT of work. I, like many of us I'm sure are dying for a good story driven adventure free roaming RPG to save us from the endless wave shooters. This game seems to have a start in filling that void. I like the option of trackpad and teleport. I've really grown to like trackpad locomotion and have over come my motion sickness from it for the most part, but with this type of locomotion, where you move in the direction your head is pointing instead of where your hand is pointing,. I just would rather be able to point where I'm going and tilt the controler to slow down if I need to and look around while I'm walking. The graphics are terribly blurry. That really needs to be fixed. The horse back riding is a nice mechanic even though I found that it was pretty touchy especially when you were walking and not galloping and had a tendency to make me feel a bit sick. There were several bugs,.. walking into the town I must have dismounted my horse before I was supposed to and the controls for dismounting floated in front of me the whole time I was in the village. there were serveral loud voices that seem to yell at me from every direction and that was a bit odd since there was only one person I could see in the village besides the group I met up with before the horse race. The voice acting was a bit cheesy. Also,. this is just my own personal preference here and I know many disagree and that's cool,. but when I'm playing as a character in a VR game it really kills it for me when the game starts talking for me. That was my one complaint about Arizona Sunshine. I'm the character, it's my adventure, let me be the character and don't tell me what I think. The battle play was actually pretty cool. could definatily use some force feedback or something and I would probably make it so the giant boulders don't just roll away like a basket ball when you barely run into them. there was another strange bug when I walked into the fishery where a string of bright purple text that said hello over and over in a colum on the left side of my screen showed up and never went away the rest of the demo. obviously I wouldn't reccomend this game in it's current state but that doesn't mean with a lot of work it couldn't turn out to be something pretty great. but now it's just not. Exploring a world, talking to people, interacting with objects, and acquiring weapons/magic is exactly what I want to be doing in VR. Although this game doesn't do it particularly well, at least it's doing it and that gives me some hope for the future. Check out this quick 25 minute demo and recommend it if you like it: that'll let developers know what we want, and hopefully put some polish on the barebones ideas like this to make real games.. Nice little prolgue to a story I want to experience, especially enjoyed the horse riding.
Keith Robertson