Eloryn's Partition
Eloryn's Partition is an adventure game set in a world where music has magical properties. You play as Nuby, a little masked fellow who stole an ancient musical instrument and tries to play it. Unfortunately the false note he makes resounds and dismantles the whole world around him, also causing Touba, the grumpy spirit living inside the instrument, to wake up from his millennial sleep. Together, Nuby and Touba will need to find their way in the fragmented world and restore the harmony in Eloryn by using the power of musical notes on their path and interacting with many characters on their journey. The game features an in-game level editor to let each player compose and share a small world or a challenging path with the community. Want to keep an eye on the project? You are welcome to follow us on social media ! @ElorynPartition on Twitter or Eloryn's Partition on Facebook
Antoine François
Game Developer - Programmer
Celine Marcandella
Developer - Programmer
Manu Pardal
3 years ago
Freelance Artist / Developer
Wow, this is sublime, I wish I could help with the music, but it seems you already have a very good composer in the team! Congratulations!! :D
@Elia Casule Thanks for your kind words! We are a small team but at the moment we don't need any more coders :) Cheers
Elia Casule
3 years ago
Indie Developer
Looks and sounds wonderful! If you need any coding help, don't hesitate to contact me