Published 2 years ago
"Top down 'platformer' tale of Ellen and the bizarre and interesting world she inhabits."
This game was inspired by my lack of resources and time; specifically my ability to produce full fledged art. However, what I do make up for is my strong feeling of desperation and my less important abilities: programming and narrative direction.
The story is mostly quick thinking that encompasses a lack of resources, so a huge thanks to Unity for the Gamekit2D and Ellen.
Ellen is separated into her main body component and limbs, with the limbs being the thing that actually moves in the animator.
Ellen's animation is split into an introduction phase where she is balled up and four blend spaces that correlate with her direction of movement.
It is not noticeable until played, but the camera is split into multiple parallax: the cosmic background (rotated to hide the flaws of tiled sprites and moves with the camera to simulate distance), the farthest stars particle system (follows the camera and does not show dimension within world space, faking the appearance of distant stars), and close stars (particle system rendered in world space behind and in front of the character, to simulate close and far proximity).
The map was planned from the beginning to simulate a pseudo transition into a three dimensional space, because as the plot progresses it is shown that Ellen moves towards a 2.5 side-scroller. In short, the map simulates the progression of the plot.
A simple tilemap that has a one pixel margin to avoid weird visual glitches with tilemapping sprites.

The colliders shown above are all the post processing that is consistently add a new detail to where the player is located on the map.
Fragmented tiles are basically ground tiles but their rendering box is moved in the sprite editor to be in between tiles hence the fragmented look of being partially multiple tiles.
Pixel perfect camera was used to keep the high fidelity of pixels but instead of the actual 8 pixel size, a 32 is used to avoid weird pixel rendering as the player limbs are moved, since animators move smoothly rather than by pixel.
And this is Ellen. A story about overcoming a weird terrain and growing up as a person through the guidance of others.