Elkboy ( An experiment in video game storytelling )
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In development
Windows; Mac
Elkboy is a sprawling narrative based adventure game presented in three acts. Set in a world where almost everyone is a game designer, the year is 20xx and it is now possible for any being to dive within and create a video game from the confines of his or her own bedroom. In this game you will meet animals that will wholeheartedly try to express themselves through video games.
This game is an experiment in video storytelling and is made entirely by a single person. It was my first time doing art and sound design for a game and I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. I've lately been very inspired by the film works of David Lynch, Jodorowsky and Thomas Pynchon and hence wanted to present a story with a dream-like narrative. That being said, Elkboy is a game about game designers, so it was very important that I'd use the medium of games to express this idea. This project is my most ambitious to date.
Kushal Neil
Game Developer - Programmer
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Windows; Mac