Elite: Dangerous Ship Assistant
Have you ever played a game, perhaps a virtual reality game, and wondered, “What if I could use my voice as my controller?”
That question inspired my idea to implement Alexa into my space ship in Elite Dangerous, an exploration, trading, andcombat game, in which you can explore the Milky Way Galaxy on a galactic scale.
When I first researched this question, I found that Elite Dangerous did have a way to control your spaceship with your voice. It was a third party product that was essentially voice recognition software that would respond to you by selectinga random sound file and simulated a key press to operate a specific function on your ship. I personally found this verylimiting, because this did not actually allow you to talk to your ship. I wanted the functionality to ask where I was in spaceand actually get a response back, and, after more research, I found that there was not a way to do this yet.
Being a 16 year old gamer with experience with Alexa, I knew that I would love some sort of interactive voiceimplementation.
So I created one...
My project won first place in The Amazon Alexa API Mashup Contest.
Austin Wilson
AR/VR/Voice Developer - Student