Elf Pets® Pup
After I developed their award-winning Reindeer game, which helped launch their new product line, the client asked me back to write the companion game for their next product, the Pup. Where the first game consisted mostly of fairly simple activities, this one was to include a side-scrolling platformer, with 6 unique levels.
While it's designed for younger children, it's still a full game, with plenty of development challenges: cascading bridge collapses, giant snowballs that roll and completely engulf the pup, power-ups, snowstorms, parallax backgrounds, lots of visual and sound effects, snow and ice friction changes, etc. Having a 4-legged character was much more difficult to deal with than a 2-legged one as well. The pup had to be rotated on hills, and when jumping and landing, and we had 2 points of contact with the ground instead of one. Despite the challenges, I got the game ready in time for their physical product release date, and it was another great success!
  • I was the project manager and sole software developer for the game.
  • I was involved throughout the full project life cycle, from gathering requirements and creating the initial estimate, through production releases and support.
  • I worked with the client to spec the game, and develop gameplay and features.
  • I created iOS and Android releases for both phones and tablets, and uploaded them to several app stores for the client. The game has a single Unity project for both platforms.
  • The game currently has a 4.5 out of 5 stars on Apple's App Store, and 5 out of 5 on Amazon's App Store!

Rob Rega
Software Developer/Consultant - Programmer