Elephants,Cartoons and Mind
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Memories : Elephants met at childhood. Cartoons at boyhood. The Subconscious mind at adulthood.
The embedded final video has three memories as environment scenes modeled and textured using Maya,Zbrush and Photoshop. I decided to use this workflow since I find it easier to navigate here rather than in Blender which I find useful but a tad bit more complicated. The base meshes for my organic models were created using reference planes in Maya before moving on to Zbrush except for the Elephant which I started out using Zspheres. The houses and other artifacts and objects like the table,lamps,carpet,bulbs,pot,bridge,well etc. were created solely in Maya. Two of my terrains were modeled and sculpted in Maya and Zbrush. I made use Photoshop to texture most of my hard surface models and Zbrush to spotlight paint the Elephant although I wasn't able to fully texture the likeness sculpt of myself due to improper UVs which I was only too late to realize. I used the terrain tool in Unity to create and texture the terrain the elephant and the well were placed on. I used Xnormal and Crazy Bump to create my normal,displacement,specular,occlusion and albedo maps. Once my assets and maps were successfully imported I used the standard material for the most part excepting for particles in the particle system. I placed lights in the scene and some of my objects received baked lighting while the rest were in realtime. Finally I used the Post Processing Stack to color grade my scene for the most part and Cinemachine to render my video.
Likeness sculpt process
I created the base mesh in maya and sculpted in zbrush.

Tried to capture a likeness of Johnny Bravo
The process from the the base mesh is as I have highlighted below

I modeled the elephant with zspheres and converted into adaptive skin and then sculpted on

I sculpted with dynamesh and repotopoed with quad draw in maya

The Elephant scene has a well model I created in Maya which has particles streaming forth created using the unity particle system

The scene with the volcano and mountain has a house with the cartoon likeness of Johnny Bravo. The terrain and models were created and UVd in Maya and then in Photoshop

The Subconscious memory scene I used to place my likeness sculpt was created using Maya and UVd in Maya and textured in Photoshop

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