Elements Master prototype
This is a prototype for a 2D platformer game. I am developing this game for learning purposes and it might be far from over. Or I might just start something new tomorrow. I do not know. It has 1 level and it does not "end". you have to close the game using alt-f4. The main purpose of this is to learn new skills and bring together some different aspects of game development I wanted to try out. This version currently has: - a spell caster class completely decoupled from the player. (so that in the near future there might be other element-caster classes without much effort) - so far 3 spells: fireball, firewall and a dash. Future versions will feature buffs/debuffs and spell interaction (like buffing the fireball when it goes through the firewall). - a complete 2D controller for the actors - A movement Ai for enemies (currently being worked on) - Enemies do not attack, they just move around and use raycasting to predict the jumps. - Enemies have a basic aggro system, so they do not follow the player forever. - Basic Damage and Health systems - Objectives scattered around the map that will allow the player to proceed to the next level (should there ever be other levels) I am finishing the movement system for enemies, then I'll have a spawning system. Other soon-to-be-implemented features will include a knockback system, spells based on buffs and debuffs and enemy attacks. The github for this project: downloadable version of the mini-game
Pedro Zgierski Nunes
Video Game Programmer - Programmer