Eldrich World
Published 3 years ago
In development
Eldrich World is a videogame of platforms, side-scroller 2.5D, where the main heroes, Ada and Mant go in different vehicles, each with their own mechanics, in which they have to overcome different obstacles, enemies and facing powerful bosses.
In the world of eldrich, all technology is driven by steampunk machineries thanks to a mineral called farenite, which to be heated produces large amounts of steam. Von Varis Vorosnov and his company Triple V are consuming all the farenite of the planet leading to an environmental and energy crisis on the planet, it is estimated that in 5 years there will be farenite on the planet. However, a new mineral called trialis was found, which produces 100 times more energy than the farenite, which is why the heroes of the mckupfer company Ada and Mant will not allow Von Varis Vorosnov to take the trialis.
Alejo Gómez Durán
Alejo - Designer
Game Languages
English; Spanish
Supported Platforms