Egyptian Tomb
This project started as a showcase attempt between me and a modeler I worked with, to see how far we can go creating a scenic environment based on purely research and looking up ideas. The entire thing is self concepted, with an attempt to keep a consistent theme threading through all the models and textures.
The work was split between the two of us, where as I would direct the workflow and conceptualize the elements, and the modeler would model and texture the entire thing. Later I created the level design in Unity, added lights and worked on giving in the right mood and feel. With just the right touch of post processing, and lighting, I think we managed to create a great showcase of abilities for level and environment design.
We decided it'd be best fit as an Asset Pack in the Asset Store due to the puzzle piece nature of the project.
Axl Perlman
Game Director - Designer
David Gold
3D - Artist
Modeler and Texture Artist