Eggy Drop 3D
Published 2 years ago
Have you ever tried catching eggs to score more and more? Well today we have brought a fun game where you can make score by catching as many eggs as you can.
It is a wonderful 3D game that start with the colorful eggs that keep dropping down and you have to collect them in a basket and earn score according to their colors. If you drop an egg you will eventually lose a life. Keep tilting to catch by just tapping on the screen of your phone and you will feel completely indulged with the graphics. This game can keep you busy and focused for hours and hours.
It can be challenging to catch all the eggs yet the game will keep you connected all the time. The 3D view of the game play is full of surprises and wonderful colors.
Owais Zahid
Unity3d | C# | AR | VR | Multiplayer - Programmer