Eflyx concept art pt.2
Eflyx's body is slim. The skin varies from full black to light blueish gray. They have no mouth, hands or feet, instead, their limbs have pointed endings, which fade into a different colour than their main body colour. When their main colour is dark, it fades to light and vice versa.
In the core of their bodies are soft energy tanks, which they need to refill by resting at an energetically charged place.
The spikes and the ring on their back is an external bone structure. How it looks may vary by individuals. It kind of works as an antenna, which helps them detect corruption nearby, but also fellow Eflyxes.
The face opens up to one single eye.

EDIT!!!!: I have been invoted to a game project as the character artist, and the projects leads wanted to use this character (and the species) as the main character! The game called Luna's flower is currently still in development!
Anne Mari Kotov
Art Student - Student