Eflyx concept art pt.1
Concept art for an upcoming animation. Created a new creature called Eflyx. Eflyxes destroy the corrupt parts of the world and plant something new and pure to the area so the untainted life can return. The world they live in is incredibly corrupt. Corruption is controlled by something/ someone else higher who wants to destroy this planet. Therefore, they won't run out of work any time soon. They don't technically sleep, but they do rest. They restore the energy by going to some place very energetically charged and kind of "shut down". They can't see in this state, but they can still hear, though it's kind of muted. It takes about a minute to come out of it. While "shut down", and about 10 minutes after coming out of the state, they're most vulnerable. Before going to the black-out state, they create barriers to be safe, even though the places they go to restore energy are already as safe as can be. Still, some risk remains. They're being hunted by the corrupted beings, because Eflyxes destroy their cities and other corrupt places.
Eflyxes are called "Uncorrupters" by the untainted, and "Desroyers" by the corrupted.

EDIT!!!!: I have been invoted to a game project as the character artist, and the projects leads wanted to use this character (and the species) as the main character! The game called Luna's flower is currently still in development!
Anne Mari Kotov
Art Student - Student