Editor Aider - The Lost Jigsaw
Why are these not built-in? Some editor operations are not so easy by default, or the button's just so small. These make it more handy by hotkeys, and may be added if I found other demands. EventDrawer: - Make UnityEvent reorderable by default. - Just import and forget it, it works. InspectorHelper: - Toggle debug or lock state by hotkeys. - Open new Inspector for specified object. - Used to edit multiple objects individually. GameViewHelper: - Resize the GameView to specified pixels. ConsoleHelper: - Clear Console logs by hotkey. - The button is so far away when testing. TabNavigator: - Switch or close the window tab by hotkeys. - Just like using a browser. ObjectLocker: - Toggle object editable state by hotkey. ObjectGrouper: - Group or ungroup scene objects by hotkey. - Make hierarchy arrangement better. SelectionFilter: - Select assets filtered by type or label. - The search bar isn't so handy sometimes. Remarks: Many of these use reflection, the work period is not guaranteed. See the documentation for further operation manual. Feel free to change the hotkey by modifying the source code.