EDGE - Isometric World
EDGE - Isometric World, is a high quality, extensive modular assets pack. With EDGE you can build all manner of interesting, innovative and fun game levels.
The package includes World Position shader which applies separate flat color on each side of the asset (X, Y, Z, -X, -Y, -Z). The Shader provides a lot of customizable features like Overall Y gradient or emissive option for each side. It works with all kinds of meshes: Hard normal edges, soft normal, with or without UV Layout.
With World position shader you can build materials with unique look in seconds. Included color reference sheets will help you to achieve fancy clean look and professional color sets for your level. Fully modular assets are easy to piece together in a variety of combinations.
Includes Beautiful Stylized water shader
+Includes 13 demo scenes showing package in action
+World Position Shader
+Includes Vertical Fog Shader
+Toon Water shader
+Includes Particle Presets
+Isometric camera preset
Dato Kiknavelidze
Yezuga - Owner