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..a world of human system
Concept Art & Inspiration
I didn't use any concept art to create this environment. It's something I wanted to create in the past and Unity Neon Challenge is great opportunity to finally make it.
It's worth saying that I'm a big fan of one of the biggest game studio in Santa Monica, more or less I had an inspiration by playing lots of hours on my console.
VIDEO ----
Modeling, Texturing and Animation
All of the models were made by me using MAXON's Cinema 4D. I love animating things, so I rigged the wings and start playing with animation (PIC.1).
For texturing all of the objects I used Allegorithmic Substance Painter (PIC.2). I found it was really easy to use the software to get some good effects. However, I spent some hours of just watching video tutorials available through their website before I actually start make anything in there.
Power of Unity Everything you can see in the video is rendered in real-time running at almost 70FPS on HD resolution. I'm an owner of NVIDIA GeForce GT 755 1GB video card and I'm more than happy with the current result. I'm sure there can be even more frames per second, it just needs further optimization. (PIC.3) Cinemachine & Timeline Making movies in game engine? Why not! It's never been easier with this powerfull tools like Cinemachine & Timeline. After some better knowledge of the tools it's like "must have" for me once I start any new project. Nowadays, everyone can feel like movie director with advanced tool in hand.
I started with setting up all of 14 virtual cameras all over the scene. Each of them has been adjusted individually for better watching experience. I loved Cinemachine Follow Zoom as well as Noise function in CVirtual Camera. I highly recommend using those. It can make your cutscenes looking more realistics. I'm sure I will use them in my new game, maybe for third person camera?
Added beauty thanks to Post-Processing Stack I have added a serious boost to my scene by using Post-Processing Stack. I didn't have to use all of the functions, so I choose only some of them:
  • Antianalising
  • Ambient Occlusion
  • Depth Of Field
  • Bloom
  • Color Grading
  • Vignette
It's fun to participate in the challenge. Wish luck to everyone and I have hope everyone is as inspired as I am to make better and better game environments for further game production pipeline. Asset's used
  • Unity 2017.3.0f1
  • MAXON's Cinema 4D
  • Substance Painter
  • Cinemachine & Timeline
  • Post-Processing Stack
  • Fog Volume 3 (for moving clouds)
  • Unity Particle Pack (waterfall, fire sparks)
  • Recorder
Music by Ross Bugden - Parallel
Marcin Boho
3D Artist, Programmer - Owner