ECHO - Sci-Fi/Cyberpunk FPS
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In development
Windows; Xbox One; Xbox 360
Science Fiction First-person shooter in futuristic world. Violence, hardcore nudity, robots, flying cars, portals, guns, guns, guns, boobs, boobs, boobs and a lot of cyberpunk. Work in progress. Currently in early alpha.

What is this?

Kids, don't read this. It's a first-person shooter in science fiction cyberpunk open world. Like Blade Runner, Altered Carbon or Deus Ex, but with a lot of guns, robots, violence, flying cars, blood, portals and boobs. A lot of boobs.

Who are you?

My name is Airat Asadullin and this is my hobby project (non-profit in the current stage). I creating this just for fun as hobby and learning Unity.

It's just a brutal Sci-Fi shooter?

In other words, Echo is not a Sci-Fi FPS with erotics elements, it's a brutal cyberpunk porn game with Sci-Fi FPS elements. Haha, I'm kidding (of course not). I just tired of "good looking" shooters for kids like Doom or Duke Nukem (without NSFW-content is not a brutal games). Be ready for something real hardcore. This cyberpunk game is not for kids.
Of course I'll not post anything hardcore there at Unity connect, but you must know what this game is.

RPG elements?

I dont' know. In current stage just a shooter. Will see...

Cool. Status of this Cyberpunk FPS?

Currently in early alpha development. Not using any assets. Game have a Devlog on YouTube, Twitter and devlog in blog (currently in Russian). See for details.

How long you're creating this?

Few weeks...
Ready for discussion, critics or ideas. Maybe your comment will change this game.
P.S. I know, there is another game already exist with "Echo" name. I don't care, call my game Airat Asadullin's Echo or NECjAR's Echo. Thanks for reading.
Now let's create real good looking Altered Carbon/Blade Runner game!
Airat Asadullin
The man behind the NECjAR - Programmer
Game Languages
English; Russian
Supported Platforms
Windows; Xbox One; Xbox 360