Echo Feedback
Published 2 years ago
In development
Linux; Mac; Windows
Echo Feedback is an upcoming interactive fiction of psychological horror, slated to be released some time later in 2018.
A unique point-and-click adventure game and visual novel with unique elements not normally found in such genres, such as minor P2P online components, user scripted “biohacks,” time-travel mechanics based on version control, and featuring a very mindbending storyline with ARG elements. Still in active development.
The game takes place in the Ancillary, a reality accessible only through the player’s computer… and you aren’t alone. Numerous others have been similarly trapped, forced to inhabit biological “Avatars” in order to help the “Residents” of the Ancillary translate and decipher a mysterious book they found.
What secrets does the book hold? What is the end-goal of the Residents? What do they hope to achieve? Why do most of the Avatars eventually succumb to madness? Just who the hell is Justin Bento?
Information lies scattered both within and without the Ancillary, so keep your eyes peeled — clues could pop up in unexpected places.
Primitive Concept
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Linux; Mac; Windows