Eat and Eat : Rock Paper Scissors PUZZLE
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*Please refer to it because there are many misunderstandings because I made the translator of Hangul*

Puzzle down puzzle !!

A simple but head-thinking puzzle game
Using scissors, rocks,
Eat, eat and strengthen the blocks.
Using exquisite items
Solve the puzzle.

Items include 'Hammer, Replace Puzzle, Replace Pulse Replacement, Undo'.
Use multiple items to earn more points by building blocks.

Earn the highest score and open up the rankings against many users.

- Making decisions -

Nowadays, there are many ways that puzzles can change all the graphics.
I wanted to make another puzzle.

- Game method -

Simple simple game puzzle
The way it looks a bit like the other puzzle
Our 'eat and eat' move each block separately
Scissors Rock is a puzzle game that uses blocks to strengthen your blocks.
It is a block puzzle that you should use more head than other puzzles.
You need 4 reinforcements per block and 4 reinforcements.
The changed blocks gain more points, but only the same blocks are reinforced.

The graphics seem simple, but the more you write your head, the more you will have to use it.
Still, the play method is simple,
I made it playable.
Subway, bus Many people
It is a simple game to enjoy.

To make a puzzle game for killing time
Even if you turn off the game in the middle, it will not be saved.
Do not worry, you can turn it off in the middle of the game.

And I tried to make it easy for women to approach it with a graphically cute block
It is a game where you can feel men's battle for fun with difficulty puzzles.
Because it is a very simple method using rock scissors
Children can easily access.

It is a puzzle that you can enjoy in a word.
I wanted to make such a game.

made in korea.

- The last word -

Our team always tries to make a different game.
This game is a game developed by two couples.
Please enjoy a lot and watch a lot.
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