Easy Main Menu
Easy Main Menu is your one stop solution for all the things you want to have in a menu!

Something that I created in 2 days is helping more then a thousand of Unity Developers right now and I can't be more happy and thankful right now!
Thanks everyone for their MASSIVE SUPPORT!
Love Unity!
Peace! <3
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Robert Mensah
7 months ago
URGENT!! Hello, I love your asset Easy Main Menu but I have a problem with creating a loading screen in Unity 2019.2.17. The loading screen menu script contains no GUI drop down for me to select or use other options. It fires this error: LoadingScreenEditor.ShowProperty_LoadingBar() (at Assets/EasyMainMenu/Scripts/Loading Screen Scripts/Editor/LoadingScreenEditor.cs:218
Ali Halawa
a year ago
Hi There, My name is Ali Halawa and I just recently bought your main menu asset. It's a nice menu but I am having trouble with the character selection part. When I start the scene, I can see the three characters that you put by default (robot, ethan, low poly). But when I add my own characters they do not appear. I have tried matching my characters with the examples like with the Main Menu char IK Script, with Character Camera transform in the "Look at target spot." I also made sure to put the same box collider and animation controller. I can see the characters in Scene view but not game view. Any Idea why this is the case? Thank you :)
Mark Makarainen
a year ago
your free version of this easy main menu does not make a PC build with my game. whats with that ?