Easy Layers
Product Description: Easy Layers is a small tool I developed for use in the Unity 3D game engine. It gave users easy access to layer masking functions within their projects and removed the hassle of having to set up their own bitmasks every time they wanted to explicitly access any of the layers in their game scene. Custom Easy Layers Window: The Layers window in the Unity engine is not always accessible while working and has a nasty habit of disappearing when users click on something else. To help mitigate this frustration I developed a small, portable window where users could access their game layer properties in a persistent space. Layer Masking Functions: Unity’s bitmasking functions can be a bit esoteric for relative beginners working with the engine, and so I wanted to make the system more accessible to them by writing custom high-level functions for accessing layer masking with little effort. With my functions users could create layer masks, add/remove layers from a mask, and swap active masks each with a single function call. Easy Layers functions also supported the setup of layer masks with multiple layers at in a single call by passing in the layer numbers or names as function parameters, a feature that Unity did not support by default.
Adam Ormsby
Freelance Developer - Programmer