Easy GUI dialog
This is a package about the prompt message. It is very easy to integrate to your project. And it is very use. Just one code. This package is include three different kind of hint message box: Android system's toast message, It also can be used in IOS and Windows. the javascript's alert. when you click confirm button. It will disappear.
3.The confirm box. You click the cancel button It will disappear. And you click yes button. It will run some code that you write.
Main features:
1.It is very easy to use. Just need one code. And also There are a demo. You can find out how to use it.
2.It can run smooth in windows IOS android and other platfom. The Compatibility is very good.
3.And you can change the pop up box's title, content ,the text of the button.
4.It is really cheap.
5.It is also easy to change the source code and UI style for you.
If you have any problem please contact me .
Jeremy Zheng
I am a CG artist and also a coder - Artist