Easy Editor - Making Life Easy For Developers
NOTE: This project was delayed for a while; however, development will begin very soon!
I'm Devon, a Unity C# Developer of five years. This showcase documents my progress on a Unity Editor Extension that makes (sometimes tedious) tasks much easier to accomplish for Level Designers and/or developers in general. The goal of Easy Editor is to increase efficiency and to provide a workflow that makes development easier as a newcomer and less tedious/boring as a veteran. This project has no expected end date, as I plan to continue development until there are no longer suggestions for updates and there are no more bugs to squash within the extension itself. I am planning to release it once I reach a point where there is a sizable list of things it can accomplish (or help to accomplish) and would like QA testers once I reach that point. If you have any suggestions or inquiries regarding my project, feel free to message me on Discord, I would love to hear your ideas and would, without a doubt, consider adding them in the next update.
If you have any questions or comments, add me on discord:
  • Discord: Devon#3655

News and Announcements

  • Work has been started back on the Easy Editor - Unity Editor Extension! I will be documenting progress on here until I have completed the extension. As of now, a complete design overhaul is taking place, starting with a new, easier to navigate UI as well as cleaner, more efficient programming. I will also be reworking the showcase page in hopes of gaining more attention from the Unity 3D community.

Patch Notes: v0.4.0

Implemented the "Create Directory" feature, allowing the user to easily create a new path of folders by typing the path directory e.g. Prefabs/Terrain/Rocks and adding the selected gameObjects within in the folder.

Previous Patch Notes

v0.3.0: Implemented the "Bundle Assets" interface within the "Organization" tab. This feature allows you to group objects together by adding a "Bundle Name" and index number in front of the object name. E.g. selecting an object named "Cube" and clicking the "Bundle Assets" button will rename the object to "_0_Cube". You can edit the bundle name to be whatever you would like. Added a "Bundle Under Parent" button that bundles and indexes all selected objects, but also creates an Empty GameObject to act as a parent. You can edit the name of the Parent to be whatever you'd like before you create it. This option also places the children in numerical order. Implemented a few changes to improve the aesthetic of the interface.
v0.2.1: Fixed a bug that occurred when creating a new parent object from the Organization tab. The extension only creates one GameObject, as intended.
v0.2.0: This update introduces an "Organization" tab that allows you to create an empty GameObject to act as a parent to all objects you have selected. This makes keeping the Hierarchy clean as simple as pressing the button!
v0.1.0: This is the first version of the extension, it can currently name and tag any objects selected within the scene view.
Devon Dyer
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