Easy Editor - Making Life Easy For Developers
Hi! I'm Devon, owner of Liquid Phantom Studios. This showcase documents my progress on a Unity Editor Extension that makes (sometimes tedious) tasks much easier to accomplish for Level Designers and/or developers in general. The goal of Easy Editor is to increase efficiency and to provide a workflow that is easier on developers. This project has no expected end date, as I plan to continue development until there are no longer suggestions for updates and there are no more bugs to squash within the extension itself. I am planning to release it once I reach a point where there is a sizable list of things it can accomplish (or help to accomplish) and would like QA testers once I reach that point. If you have any suggestions or inquiries regarding my project, feel free to message me on Discord, I would love to hear your ideas and would, without a doubt, consider adding them in the next update.
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  • Discord: Devon#3655
  • Twitter: @stretchytallman

News and Announcements

  • v0.4.0 is live!
  • A very special thanks to those over at the Unity3D subreddit who were kind enough to take time from their day to respond with ideas to add as features for future updates! You can find the post over on Reddit
  • Help for 2D Developers is on its way! A new "Tile Maps" tab will be added in a future update, and with it, a plethora of utilities to make life easier when dealing with Tile Maps and palettes.

Patch Notes: v0.4.0

Implemented the "Create Directory" feature, allowing the user to easily create a new path of folders by typing the path directory e.g. Prefabs/Terrain/Rocks and adding the selected gameObjects within in the folder.

Previous Versions

v0.3.0: Implemented the "Bundle Assets" interface within the "Organization" tab. This feature allows you to group objects together by adding a "Bundle Name" and index number in front of the object name. E.g. selecting an object named "Cube" and clicking the "Bundle Assets" button will rename the object to "_0_Cube". You can edit the bundle name to be whatever you would like. Added a "Bundle Under Parent" button that bundles and indexes all selected objects, but also creates an Empty GameObject to act as a parent. You can edit the name of the Parent to be whatever you'd like before you create it. This option also places the children in numerical order. Implemented a few changes to improve the aesthetic of the interface.
v0.2.1: Fixed a bug that occurred when creating a new parent object from the Organization tab. The extension only creates one GameObject, as intended.
v0.2.0: This update introduces an "Organization" tab that allows you to create an empty GameObject to act as a parent to all objects you have selected. This makes keeping the Hierarchy clean as simple as pressing the button!
v0.1.0: This is the first version of the extension, it can currently name and tag any objects selected within the scene view.

Devon Dyer
Liquid Phantom Studios - Owner