Easy Cookin'
Updated 2 days ago
Easy Cookin' is a game focused on teaching the player the basic aspects of cooking and food preparation.
In Easy Cookin' you play as a competitor in a local cooking competition. You will be tasked with cooking and preparing a dish that will be judged and scored based on the choices you make while cooking and preparing the food. The goal of this game is to inform and teach the player some general skills and knowledge about preparing food for themselves or others. We felt that this would be a good topic because a lot of younger kids and adults may not know or understand the process. They may have always been provided for by their parents or college handled all their meals for them. We created this game to be a fun and interactive process that will be appealing and informative to the player. Our hope is that it will push players to learn even more about cooking because of the enjoyment and information they gained while playing Easy Cookin'.