Earth to Ekko
Updated a year ago

i wanted to try and tell a story with my scene, one of sacrifice, especially when you don't have to. So i setup the scene based on that idea and tried to develop on it to give more detail to the scene. i honestly wished i could add more but this is where i'm at. The learning process has been intense and i am grateful for the challenge

Making the Scene

Earth to Ekko is about a robot giving up its life to bring two engineered humans into being, his motivations and their significance are for him to know ;)
I had literally zero clue about working a with 3D but i wanted to see how far i could go by myself without getting paid assets from the store. so the initial idea had to scaled down to something i could model and texture by myself(that is not to say i didnt use assets from the store). so i set about modelling the scene and employing all the techniques i could remember and learning some new ones along the way.
Nothing prepared me for moving my finished models from 3dsmax to Unity; since my scene was made up of many individual parts, using FBX as an export method meant every individual had its own special alignment in space...a lot of work rearranging. luckily Unity allows you import .max which is crazy convenient. NB: splines need to be converted to poly else Unity wont see them, easy way of making cables though :)
Then there was the next learning opportunity, Animation. silly me tried sneak in individual vertex animation and it simply didn't work. so now I know fancy movement needs at least a basic rig, I tested it out my rigging and animating the leaves to simulate wind

Calling on the Asset Store

Textures and basic models where next on my agenda, most would be heavily modified to give a more alien vibe, the colour of grass needed to be a bit more blue and the shrubs needed emission maps. one of my biggest for some reason was texturing the cliff, i just couldn't find anything that would fit what i was looking for, so i just used the normal map on a simple albedo colour. Rocks and my last ditch humanoids i just used as is as time was running out and i rookie mistakes were pilling up

Texturing is kinda FUN

Especially when you learn to make your own normal maps using Photoshop but I still have some ways to go and some more applications to learn but all in all I had a great time seeing my normals give objects some depth. I also learned the hard way to that selection is a tricky beast in Photoshop, so it is best to look at seems as guides rather than borders, unless you want to keep seeing green pop up in weird places. Also the transparent render mode....she is a tricky beast.

The issue with Scale

When i started modelling i didn't follow any size conventions, so when i had to use other features in Unity like terrain and lighting/volumetric lights, my scene suffered for it with increased lightmap generation times and constant warnings about size. for a while, fog just made my whole screen dark without reason(well...there was a reason) but it is another valuable lesson.

The race against time

as the deadline approaches, i would've loved if the world had a more lived in feel but i guess i just have to practice and get ready for the next challenge, then its...PLUS ULTRA!!!


  • Cinenachine 2.1.10
  • Deucalion's Humans
  • HQ Rock Pack Free 1.0
  • Post Processing Stack 1.0.4
  • Recorder 0.2
  • Yughues Free Bushes 1.0
  • Rocks FREE pack 1.0
  • Volumetric Lights
the rest was just me sweating it out like a crazy person
I would also like to give a special thank you to Google :D