Eagle's Landing
Updated 2 years ago
My entry for the Neon Challenge
I'm a beginner in unity and no experience in programming although I have little knowledge in 3d modeling. I'm taking this challenge to improve myself in this field.

My theme is a place almost medieval like with a little touch of futuristic tech.

Concept art:
I'm big fan of final fantasy games and the concept art behind it. I found a couple of concept arts in google that got my attention. I'm not copying the concept art but will get elements from it and incorporate it in my scene.
here are the concept arts:

I have been so busy that i didn't have time to do updates on my work. Here are some of my recent progress.
Here are the concept for my scene.
This was supposed to be the scene I plan to make but since time is limited I have to minimize some things. The big block at the back is a castle that I plan to model.

Dec. 26, 2017

I did some modeling in blender for the big gate I plan on putting in my scene. It took me some time to make it because I had to watch videos in youtube to learn blender as a program for modeling.

There was a lot of trial and error in making these models. I remade these models 3 times until I got the result I was satisfied with. Took me 3 days.

Dec. 30, 2017

Now I am trying to set up my scene in unity. Since I am a complete beginner in unity I had to watch videos again in youtube to learn how to compose a scene in unity.

The first problem I faced was putting materials to my models in unity. I had to watch a couple of videos to learn it. Next thing I did was browse the asset store for useful assets to use in my scene.

Next I browsed for textures in the asset store to use for my models and also a skybox.

Jan. 1, 2018

Now I am putting on the textures I got from the asset store.

I had a hard time for the gold material of the model. I had to watch a couple of videos to learn how to get the gold material on.

This is it for now. More updates to come and more tutorial videos to watch!
Carlo Roy Briz