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Published 6 months ago
5 Things Customers want to see on an E-commerce Portal before Buying?
What’s there you need to focus on to improve your ecommerce business? Is it not just the latest design trend, conversion optimization or adopting best ecommerce tech tool? Well, it can be answer perfectly when looked upon from a customer’s point of view. Customers are the one who directly influence your ecommerce store’s revenues. Every customer is unique; therefore, there is no certain rule to follow. You probably can keep asking your user base about their choices and views for your e-commerce website design. You certainly will get to know a lot by using polls and feedback and survey emails.
Free shipping
Online shopping has been becoming very common among most users. However, paying for shipping is the major deterrent to online shopping. As per various studies, free shipping is the factor most likely to convince visitors to buy from an online store. “In the past 85 % users have discarded their shopping carts, due to high shipping charges.
To deliver an amazing shopping experience, you can choose to offer free shipping on orders that cross a given threshold for a shopping cart total. Also, you can promote this offer on your homepage, product pages and checkout experience screens.
Special deals
Online stores offer a hassle-free shopping experience where you don’t need to show up, find parking and walk around the physical store to find what you really want. Online shopping is much easier; it takes few seconds to Google desired product name, and finds it at various places. Also, price comparison tools and sites helps you grab the best deals, moreover, are ubiquitous.
Organizing timely sales on your website will prove good for your business. You can use sidebar banner ads to promote your discounted products, and promote on-sale items on their respective web pages with attractive badges. Moreover, you can use Coupon tools to offer some deals to your visitors. You can hire an ecommerce website development company to meet your needs.
Authentic customer reviews
Today, with the increased e-commerce shopping trends, the use of social media to make decisions to buy something is on the rise. Every user would like to collect some information about the product and vendors before buying it. And reviews of your products and store can do wonders as they are more authentic and more trust-worthy than anything other.
It is always good to allow users to create product reviews on your website, this will help other users to figure out whether that product is useful for them or not.
Easy returns
When one purchase a product from a physical store and realize after going home that it doesn’t fit, it’s somewhat easy to go back to the store with a receipt and return that product. With online shopping, the return process is not that easy. However, it varies dramatically from brand to brand. When customers ask for return, some online brands offer, whereas some does not. Return policy can make a big difference to your business. Research shows that 22 % consumers go for offline purchase because the returns are easier.
Visually appealing e-commerce platform
Who would like to buy something from store? Well, no one, right? So, you must understand the importance of visual appearance of your store.
If your e-commerce store must look eye-catching and stunning, and if it fails, the visitor will not stay on your online store more than few seconds. Your website must be simple yet elegant, easy to navigate and attractive enough. You need to make sure that users can easily find what they want.
Speed up the load time
Your website’s loading time is one of the biggest factors to decide whether visitors want to continue their journey with you or not. Research studies show that even a four-second delay in page loading can increase the chances of abandonment by 25%. Visitors simply close the tab or turn to another e-commerce store for their needs. So, make sure to keep it in mind when you plan your ecommerce website development usa.
When you focus on what your customers want, it becomes pretty simple to understand the aspects you need to work on for your growth.

Rahul Mathur
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