Dyl's Destiny
Published 3 years ago
In development
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Mac; Windows
Adventure 3D Platformer
Inspired by many games of the past, our rag tag team of nobodies got together in order to create a new plot driven masterpiece. Our goal is to bring to life a new adventure with unique platformer gameplay that still captures the essence and spirit of the games we know and love. Since many of us are starting from scratch, our main goal is to learn. We hope to share with you the process we take and the adventure we live as we bring Dyl's Destiny to life.
Nicolas Bulchak
CG Artist - Artist
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Mac; Windows
Nicolas Bulchak
3 years ago
CG Artist
After lots of amazing feedback from all of our followers and game testers we are in the process of building a second release. You are helping make our game fun! We love constructive criticism, so please keep the comments coming and let us know what you love, hate, and cant wait to see in our game.