Duo Spheres
Reflex-based mobile arcade game
“Duo Spheres” is a brain training game, designed to help you improve your focus, multitasking and resistance to stress. It pits you against the machine in a multitasking arcade game where you have to have perfect reflexes and nerves of steel in order to beat it. In “Duo Spheres”, you enter a test designed to trigger your cerebral cortex and improve your ability to do multiple things at once. In other words – it makes you more coordinated the more you play it. The deceptively simple game involves small spheres of 2 different colors (blue and red) going towards the big control buttons on opposite ends of the screen. The player has to press the big control buttons to change their color to match the incoming spheres. “Duo Spheres” is a game that starts out hard, and gets even harder. Compete against players worldwide to reach the highest score. Can you do it, or will the machine beat you? WARNING: Side-effects may include improved concentration, higher stress resistance, and/or activation of the telekinetic receptors in the deep brain tissue.
Lynx Animation Studio
Game Developer and Animation
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