Dungeonis Released!
Published a year ago
Available on game jolt for now!
So I have noticed I have been slacking updating here... There are just so many social networking sites these days hah. Anyways, recently I have released a downscaled version of my RPG idea on game jolt! I say downscaled because there were a lot more things I might have wanted to add, but I wanted to be done with it too and was not having much luck keeping others around to work on it with me. So I just decided to cut out a lot and finish it solo. It has a story, and is a complete game, it is just lacking a lot of polished art and maybe some cool features. At any rate check it out!
my first trailer and it was a bit rushed so don't be too harsh hah. Link to game download in the video. Just drop the folder somewhere and run the .exe in it to play. It will say unknown program, risks involved yadda yadda... not much I can do about that at this time.
Casey Sinclair
3D Modeler - Artist