Dungeon Riders
Published 3 years ago
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Windows; Android; WebGL
Game made on LudumDare#40
The lore: You are the best raider ever known. But Ganorf, a very powerful warlord, has captured you due old debts you have with him. He gave you a choice: pay with your life or try to plunder the amount you owe him on the dark dephts of the doomed Dead Gold dungeon.

The game: You have to plunder a dungeon full of zombies to pay your debt with Ganorf. Every time you loot a chest, you get twice slower and get a bonus for the next loot, if you decide to try. With this in mind, you must find a way to reach the amount of gold you owe to the warlord and stay alive meanwhile.

Controls: The arrow keys do all the actions.

The Team: Fábio Maciel - Programmer ( Jamison Lima - Artist ( Magno Gouveia - Programmer ( Rafael Santana - Programmer ( Raphael Saraiva - Artist and Game Designer (

Thank you for playing! =D
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Windows; Android; WebGL