Dungeon Crawler v0.13 change log and future updates
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Dungeon Crawler change log and wish list for my game
I thought i would use this as a place to keep track of the changes i make in each release over time and things that i am planning to add.
Things to add
  • Collection of statistics. It is rather hard to get an idea of how hard a level is by just playing yourself, so the idea is to collect some statistics. Where do players die? How many find the hidden chest? How many health potions did they collect? How many complete the first level and the second one? With the help of information like this I hope to learn how to make the game more balanced and fun.
  • Change the text Gold and Keys to icons
  • Add a third level with more enemy types
  • Replace the walls on level 1 with something more interesting than a green line
  • Add multiplayer support.
  • Make it possible for users to adjust brightness.
  • Normalize sound levels
  • Fix so that walls does not block the camera view of player / monster by making objects in the way transparent or rendering the character trough the wall. Suggestions?
  • If you have any suggestions of things you would like to see, please let me know.
Known bugs
  • Some sounds are too loud comapred to other.
  • Sometimes an enemy close to a wall become visible as ray casting does not seem to detect the wall when too close.
  • Strange artifacts from light on the ground.
Release 0.13 12/7
  • Made some enemies walk around randomly in the dungeon instead of just standing still to make things feel more alive and less predictable.
  • Slight increase in damage and speed of normal skeletons since they are now more spread out and less dangerous.
  • Replace the player capsule with a model with idle, walk and death animations (still need to fix fire projectile animation).
  • fixed issue with skeletons gliding in the beginning when engaging player.
  • Fixed issue with spider animations not player properly.
  • Fixed issue with boss death animation not always triggering.
  • Changed so that player takes damage at the point in enemy animation where the actual attack is shown instead of at animation start.
  • Fixed issue with player not flashing red when hit.
  • Removed sound when projectiles hit walls. Now only use sound to communicate specific things like when an object takes damage or when shooting some metal doors that can not be destroyed.
  • Added "I can't use that yet" sound when trying to pick up a health potion with full life.
  • Made some changes to the start of second level to help players understand how they can interact with the environment to unlock the portal at the end of the level.
  • Added a hidden health potion to level 2.
  • Added hit metal sound that is played when player shoots indestructable doors.
  • Increased collision box size for pickups so that players does not have to stand right on them to pick up stuff.
  • Changed the size of some textures from 2048 to 1024 reducing the game size from 98 to 78 MB.
Release 0.12 1/6
  • Made the visibility range of monsters different than aggro range. You can see monsters before getting close enough for them to attack but still can't see them if they are behind walls.
  • Added fps counter, can be turned off with f.
  • Fixed issue with door before the exit on level 2 was shown as open when the door to the graveyard was opened.
  • Fixed missing walls on level 1.
  • Fixed an issue where the weapon level up on level 2 could be visible even when you had that update.
  • Added sound effect to purchasing
  • Fixed missing and flickering walls on level 1.
  • Some performance optimizations.

Release 0.11 21/5
  • Added boss. Please try it out and give me feedback on it!
  • First step towards "fog of war". Enemies will only become visible once they possible to see. In practice this means that if a line can be drawn from the enemy to the player within the range the enemy can see. Will be changed in the future to have visibility range and attack range to be two different things so you can see enemies in an open room. This change hopefully contributes a bit to making the game a bit more creepy to explore.
  • Replaced door at end of level 2 for consistency. Same door before all exits.
  • Fixed incorrect layer on some enemies causing them to block sight from each other (enemy could not find player because another enemy was standing in front of it).
  • Converted sounds to mono to make it possible for unity to position the sound in the world and reduce size.
  • Fixed an issue with Level 2 not being possible to complete if you took the path with the gold due to lack of a key. The door is now replaced by a metal bar that is opened without key with a trigger.
  • Fixed a number of doors that the player could go trough without shooting or using key to open.
  • Added sound for opening doors.
  • Added different sound when projectiles hit a damageable object to make it more obvious that the player is shooting at something that can be destroyed.
  • Rebuilt the exit area of level 2 so that the platform works as a teleport that takes the player to the boss level instead of opening the door to the exit.
  • Fixing an issue where only part of the larger skeletons would flash red when hit. Now the code will find all rendered in children instead of only the first one.
  • Fixed light that was had ran away from it's torch....
Release 0.10 11/5
  • Added textured walls surrounding level 1.
  • Added an image of a key instead of a text to player status area.
  • Enabled analytics to track how many players die and complete a level. Have not managed to see any data yet so i'm not sure if it is working yet.
Release 0.9 09/5
  • Added a graphical health bar instead of text (Thanks to Kallie Experiments for the suggestion) as well as sound effects when the player gets hit. Both these things should make it easier for you to notice when something is attacking you. Also the graphical health bar makes it quicker to see approximately how much hp you have left at a glance.
  • Fixed issue with major health potions not having any collision box, making it impossible to take them.
  • Added a minor change that makes it easier to figure out how to unlock the hidden chest at level 1.
  • Changed the tutorial text on level 1 so that it is now on lying down on the floor.
  • Added a text at the shop explaining that you can spend money to buy health refill and weapon upgrade.
Release 0.8 03/5 Added a hidden treasure chest on 1. Continued adding monsters and details to level 2, this one is no longer empty but can be played and completed. Added the possibility to buy an upgrade of the players weapon. It is possible to buy the upgrade on level 1 if you can find the hidden chest. If not, the money you collect on level 1 is now carried over to level 2.
Release 0.6 23/4 Replaced the ground that was a plane with a stretched texture with some better models. Removed the sky backround. Added torches to light up the environment. Added background sound. Added some sound effects. Added the possibility to buy health for gold at a place in the level.
Release 0.5 Doubled projectile speed to make it easier to hit moving target. Release 0.4: Reduced the amount of enemies. Decreased enemy speed to 9.5 to be slightly slower than the player that has a speed of 10. Fixed an issue preventing firing at the same time as holding the left mouse button to move. Thanks to Francis Ramirez and Ricky Manalo, Kallie Experiments and Gustavo Di Salvo for all the suggestions on improvements!
Release 0.2
Added animatins to enemies. Use raycast instead of distance for enemies to detect the player. Made it possible for players to attack and kill the player. Added HP and Gold text. Hightlight ground where player click to make it easier to see where the player is heading. Decrease enemy hp. Adjusted fire speed of player.
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