Dumb as wizards
Updated 3 years ago
In development
Windows; Xbox One; PlayStation 4
Dumb as Wizards (DaW) is a twin stick, multiplayer, arena brawler.
Up to 4 Players control wizards, fighting a free for all battle, on a platform surrounded by a deadly void. Players cast a myriad of spells, pushing enemies to their death in the void, fighting to be the last man standing.

Players control wizards who are vying for control, power and survival in the midst of a swirling void maelstrom. The last man not to be pushed into the void and lose all of his health wins the battle.
The core game is played in a shrinking arena, players use their wizards magical abilities to push the enemy wizards out of the safe zone and into the void. The wizards lose health rapidly while in the void, when their health reaches 0 they are eliminated for the round.
After each battle players are awarded dust based on their performance.
Between each round players can purchase spells cards for dust and add them to their deck of abilities, the deck is then shuffled and a hand number of abilities become available for the following battle the player then applies these spells to four available spells slots. Ready to fight again!

Key features:
  • Twin stick brawler
  • Fast paced arena combat
  • Spell scrolls for dynamic personalized wizard abilities

Secondary features
  • dumb, wacky and silly abilities
  • multiple ways of playing
  • costumizable wizards
Supported Platforms
Windows; Xbox One; PlayStation 4