Dude Nukem a exercise in using SVG files
Updated a year ago
Dude Nukem, Full Regret
The game starts out as you (Darryl Nukem) being woken up in the middle of the night by a phone call from your loser brother Dude Nukem. Dude is asking for a ride from the bar because supposedly he is out of money and his car is broken down. reluctantly you drive to the bar, and notice Dudes car is broken down in the parking lot of the bar. So you have to park in the parking lot down the street. Not much to it, but it's a start.
I wrote this game using nothing but SVG file for the Graphics, text, and user interface.
Working with SVG files were, for the most part, pretty straightforward and much like using a raster image. The one catch was with the buttons of the user interface, they seem to require a particular size format and the SVG object have to be really large to work right. Also at first, the buttons wouldn't scale correctly when running a build of a different resolution, but for some magical reason, it has corrected its self.
I enjoyed working with SVG file, especially with transparencies. For example, the headlights for the car was nothing more than a shaded transparency square with holes cut out of it for the lights. I made the transparent square a child of the car and put it in between car and camera.The other thing that was nice was editing the pictures in my vector graph editor with out having to change anything in the scene.

I'm new to game building, and this project was a little rushed, but I hope you enjoy. I compiled this to a WebGL and You can play this demo out at
Michael Springer