FruitCatch - Score big!
Updated 3 years ago
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Catch the Oranges to Score Big. Simple, silly, time filling game!
"FruitCatch" which is now the title for what was a DropCatch.
It is a nice simple and time filling catch game. I saw the drop catch tutorial and it gave me an idea to create something with a unique look and feel. The game has three play modes - Timed, Infinite and the standard "Catch-all" mode. It is aimed at the people who have a quick minute (or 90 secs) to fill? I used to commute on trains and sometimes I would read a book, but I would notice a lot of people playing mobile games especially simple bamboozle or candy crush style games.
Fruitcatch does not aim to even compete with those games, but it is a fast, twitchy game and having spent time tweaking the logic of each mode - you need to employ strategy to each level in its own right. I.e. on the Infinite mode - The drop speed increases overtime and eventually the ability to collect points becomes increasingly difficult, however - if you can collect enough points before the speed is too much, you can reset the speed by filling the slow speed "gauge" or "bar" to the left of the screen. And the Raspberries allow you to close off the collector which can help you indirectly to not catch the pineapples which take away lives! this all may sound complicated but the proof is in the game-play...
  • Three modes - Timed, Infinite, Standard ("FruitCatch")
  • Language options (English, German, French, Italian, Polish, Korean, Japanese)
  • Graphics options (To allow users to optimise the game based on hardware)
  • Simple UI (Two button control)
  • Google Play Achievements & Leaderboards for each mode
  • Small APK install size
  • Translated to several languages in the Google Play Store
  • FREE to play
Graham Cook
SillyDev - Programmer
Game Languages
English, British; English
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