Drone Racing League
The DRL Racing Simulator allows new pilots to learn how to fly a racing drone, compete in actual DRL courses, race friends, and enemies from around the globe, and try out for the 2017 DRL season. Hired as external contractor I helped to develop the UI, leaderboards front-end and in game payment system.


My role on this project was to develop UI elements, the game uses uGUI with an MVC architecture, that makes each module independent. I also handled Playfab integration to submit scores and to create a leaderboard for each type of map.
  • Discuss with Lead UX/UI designer to architect the best way to implement page behaviour.
  • Create responsive layouts using uGUI.
  • Develop scripts that independently communicate with the rest of the game.
  • Integrate PlayFab to create Leaderboards.
  • Develop Photon Lobby to create and join rooms.
  • Asset Management.
  • Help other programmers to fix bugs.
Otto Oliveira
Senior Game Programmer - Programmer