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future Earth where Andriods are the main population

Hey, my name is Pimpaka Lertjittikun or just call me Pim and I'm currently a student at Thammasat Univeristy, Thailand. I'm the only person who made this project (I love to get help from my friend but they're just all busy). I like doing 2D with 3D art style. I'm currently really new to Blender in this project since I've been using Magica Voxel all the time in my past projects. OK maybe this is enough for my introduction, let's get to the project.


Since i've known the existed of this project is about 3 weeks before deadline, I took 1 weeks in about thinking what I should do and sketching.


(warning: bad English and grammar :D)
What I want my project to be is a story of a future Earth where's the main population is Andriods. Other living things are kind of dead because of a radiation toxic and human are gone to colonize other planets but they sometime travel to the Earth to do business. The ways that Andriods are living isn't that high technology at all, instead they're try copying the way that human lives.
The MC is a newborn Andriod that isn't the same like others because he has red bulb instead of green bulb. He just walking towards where mostly other newborn Andriods walking to.
As the story goes, I want the city to be as original like this days but also mix with high technology things.
When I'm done about the ideas, I try sketch it in digital to see what color tone I should be focus on and the details of the building.


The idea of making it is basically mix 2D (using quad) and 3D and using Perspective Camera. Here's a gif showing some Characters and buildings in Unity.

Custom Assets

I love to add all custom made assets tho but it would be really really long post and I'm not sure I should be doing it. EDIT: I add most of them but I think I don't have to upload all 3D models tho.
Then I plan the story route city. As you can see, I don't have to modelling entire city, I just model only what camera will see. When the timeline is playing.Then I plan what should be in what scene, and enable it only when I need it to be seen.
Then I use Cinemachine for virtual camera that follow player. I have quite a lot of it for changing post processing profile and camera angle. The audio is just to see the length of the whole animation and where it should end.

Then I mix everything in another scene. (The below image is yet to have Post Processing apply tho)


And then I applied fog, post processing stack and then bake it. I do it in Unity 2017 tho but I was unable to baked the scene even though I lower the light setting. So I baked it in Unity 2018 and it takes not even 10 mins. God Bless 2018 dev team.
Then I do the video editing in Premiere Pro. Just cutting,adding texts and sounds.


There's a lot of detail more then I think it should be because I constantly come up with new idea while making it and not stick to the plan. It's a bit messy process. I encounter some of the bug(? I'm not sure it's a bug or I'm just stupid) in Timeline but it's really a amazing tool even though it's kind of hard to get use to it.

[9/05]:There's more to the process but I'm going to sleep first. [9/05]:EDIT, I think it's enough? might coming to edit again [9/05]:EDIT, adding custom assets

Assets and tools

MK glass free Cinemachine Timeline Post Processing Stack v.2
Pimpaka Lertjittikun
pimpakkard - Student
Ann Rodela
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Indie game developer
Great detail!
a year ago
You are dam good
Steven WrightCongratulations! I totally thought you deserved to win
Thank you :D
Steven Wright
a year ago
Congratulations! I totally thought you deserved to win
Jordan LiffThe art style here is one of a kind. When do we get to see the final product?
The final product is on the first Youtube video or this this link overhere