Driving Rage: Long Drive Arcade Golf Game
Updated 2 years ago
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iOS; Android
App Store Description:

Channel all of your RAGE and whack some golf balls in this driving range and anger management simulator. Power up your golfer by purchasing new clubs that unlock new levels of RAGE! Slam the ball down while it’s in the air to target flags and hit obstacles on the ground. Show off your true golf skills with challenging shots and create great replays to share with your friends. Unleashing your true power will allow you to launch the ball unbelievable distances!

- Over 20 unlockable golf clubs
- 7 levels of RAGE
- Trophies with unlockable rewards
- Daily rewards
- Share replays of your best shots with Everyplay

Thanks for Playing! RAGE ON!

Development Features:

  • Everyplay - Players have their shots automatically recorded and can share them at the results screen for a reward on their next shot
  • Unity Ads - Both interstitial skippable ads and optional rewarded ads
  • Unity IAP - In game currency available for purchase as well as a purchase to remove interstitial ads
  • Unity Analytics - Track and analyze player stats/performance
  • Firebase - Used for user authentication/social media account linking as well as storage of player progression
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Supported Platforms
iOS; Android