Published 3 years ago
I'm new to dribble but a connection recommended it to me to use because I'm a graphic designer. Now that I understand better what Dribble is about I recommend it to you as well because it rocks the spot and it definitely improved my work flow strategy. I'm up for team building projects and a leader myself therefore I'm looking forward to make new connections and eventually start my own IT Business with someone like yourself that wishes to evolve in these informational system.
I'm interested in becoming a Level Graphic Designer at any type of company that is interested in Software Development of any type, when I C++ as a language of coding for laptops, phones like Android devices and iOS App's I was fully amazed about the perspective and the potential of becoming independent as a human being witch is great if you take a second out of your time and analyze the great difference that exists between 3D Environments even from a 2D's graphical angle view.
For me, having the possibility to create a software for a website like Dribbble would be a advantage to actually be part of a group to create a Image Design Pack for a full brand like these company that offers support for graphic designers like myself, even thou the competition is difficult, I still manage to understand the basic definition of what loyal competition actually means in these very crowed digital marketplace and follow my own design style. Dribbble is amazing, I will definitely recommend it to my friends !
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