DreamWorks Voltron VR Chronicles
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Oculus Rift; HTC Vive; PlayStation VR
In DREAMWORKS VOLTRON VR CHRONICLES, viewers become a Paladin of Voltron and blast through time and space to save the Universe from dangerous alien threats in a fully-immersive environment with interactive elements. Fans join forces with characters Lance, Hunk, Pidge, Keith, Shiro, Allura and Coran in a narrative where they fight back against the relentless threat of Zarkon by solving puzzles and conquering challenges
The team that created Voltron VR Chronicles was the best I've worked with in my long career. Kudos to all the others who worked so hard and made such a fantastic project!
Chad Freeman
Business Owner - Programmer
Supported Platforms
Oculus Rift; HTC Vive; PlayStation VR