Dreams Knight (2016) (Spine Animations)
Published 2 years ago
Android; iOS
My First "Professional" Game, Or My first game in a company 😅 "BeeLabs"
This game is the task that has been requested from me to get accepted in the Job, the main point they asked me to do is to build all animation on "Spine" animation, thankfully the game was Amazing for them as my first game, it's include a lot of environments and modes.
There is a pooling system for the platforms and the coins and every single thing in it, also it's contains 4 different languages, some are left to right and some are right to left, and i have done all of these stuff, I'm proud of it as my first game under a professional vision.
I was accepted for this job, it's a small company I have learned a lot of things in it.
Muhammad Ellawie
Certified Unity Developer - Programmer
Game Languages
Arabic; English; Korean; Japanese
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS